Date of Departure:  June 26, 2011

We had an incredible first day on Sunday, June 26.  We rode close to 12 miles from Rudee Inlet, at the Virginia Beach ocean front, to the intracoastal waterway on the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake border line.

June 27, 2011 – Monday was a very good day!  From Virginia Beach/Chesapeake, Va line to Deep Creek – Special thanks to Mary Lou, Lisa and my daughter, Jamie for your help and support.

June 28, 2011 -It was a really tough day today.  We rode in 100 degree heat and there was a lot of traffic as we reach Suffolk, Virginia.  The heat was really tough.  Thanks again to Lisa Hunt, Marci Oden, Bruce Silverman and Jerry Taunton.  What a ride!

Went from Deep Creek to the new Hilton Garden in Suffolk….What a ride!  Whew!

June 29, 2011 – What a day!!   It was very hot, we rode over 20 miles.  I was glad to get to my friends, Tammie and Mike’s place in Franklin, Virginia.  Whew!

It was nice meeting Mr. Samuel Brown at the hospital in Franklin as I rode by…God bless you and your two children.

June 30, 2011 -It was a short easy day…. just 8 miles.  KC needed a rest.  I met up with Susan Holloway of Blue Fox Stables and Jane March.  Thank you Ladies, for your support and help with places I will be going in Virginia.  Thanks to Dave at Fred’s for a nice breakfast and the support.July 1, 2011 – Met some wonderful people along the way.  KC and I covered 16 miles today.  We are now just 12 miles from Emporia, Virginia.

July 3, 2011 –  Reached Southampton Raceway – have decided to suspend trip for a few weeks so KC can heal.   She has developed a rash and a small sore.  Will start back up at this point at that time.  Thank you for your support and prayers.

I am back in Virginia Beach until after the first of the year. We would like to resume the trip sometime in March 2012. We need your prayers and financial support.

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