Back in 1998, I was reading a couple of old Baptist magazines from the 1930’s that I found in the attic of my home.  These articles spoke of evangelism across the USA. They stirred me to want to cross the country for Christ on horseback. I have ridden many places throughout the USA, but have never attempted riding across the country from coast to coast.

I pray that as I ride across the country many others will want to join me and participate. If they already know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, we will praise Him together in strength. If they don’t know Him, I will introduce them to the Lord and watch the Holy Spirit work in their hearts and lives.

I will start the trip with KC Tanana, a beautiful 15 hand Polish Arabian, bay filly, and a horse yet to be determined. I will choose who to ride daily depending on the terrain and length of the ride each day. This trip will be close to 3,300 miles and estimated to take approximately 250 days.

I think that horses are one of God’s most beautiful and graceful creatures, and with their big hearts and personalities they always entice people to want to come over and touch them.  This will give me the opportunity to open a dialogue with people that would not normally speak with a stranger.

Over the years I have found that many horse people love the Lord. I hope and pray that some of my brothers and sisters in Christ will help me along the way. I intend to get a lot of people’s attention with this trip so I can share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to help any fellow believers that need to reaffirm their beliefs. I pray that everyone that visits this site will be stirred into action of some kind for the Lord Jesus Christ. If you don’t know him, I pray that you will begin a personal relationship with Him today. This is the purpose of the trip.


My vision is to talk to people from all walks of life about the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ! This I believe will happen in the near future. We will never know when. “It will happen in the twinkling of an eye,” so there is little time to waste. I also plan to raise a lot of attention and monies for the 3 charities I have chosen. ALS, because my friend Josh Thompson acquired the disease. Juvenile Diabetes, because it has taken away a certain quality of life from my grandson Joshua and my daughter Meigan, I chose Equikids, because I think they do a great job using horses for different types of therapy.

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