My name is James Edward Durbin. I was born in 1950 in the heart of Kentucky and have loved horses since my youth. As a child my family traveled to my father’s country home often, where there were always lots of animals including mules and horses. Later in life my brother Joe acquired a few horses which my wife, at the time, and I were able to ride. We enjoyed them so much that we bought a couple of horses ourselves. That was over thirty years ago and I have been riding ever since. I believe that horses are one of God’s most beautiful and exciting creatures.

I grew up in Louisville Kentucky, and after high school and all through my college years I worked with the Kirby Company. In 1976 I earned my own franchise and moved to Virginia Beach. I worked with the company for over 30 years, during which I worked in over 130 different cities, mostly in the southern and eastern United States. I earned many awards and sales contests, including a 1980 Cadillac, and appeared in the December 3rd 1979 issue of People Magazine,

In April of 1977, I met Jesus Christ while attending The Rock Church in Virginia Beach, VA. We have been down many roads together, but this one feels like it will become the most exciting trip that I have taken for the Lord.  Currently I attend Star of the Sea Catholic church near the oceanfront in Virginia Beach.

God has blessed me with 3 fantastic children. My son John Anthony, is a teacher in the Orlando, Florida area. He is married to an awesome young woman, Amy, and they have given me a beautiful granddaughter, Moira. Meigan is my oldest and is the mother of my grandson Joshua. We learned that Joshua has Juvenile diabetes a few years ago and that is why I chose that charity as one that I will support. My youngest daughter Jamie is  a teacher here in Virginia Beach.  Jamie is married to a terrific young man, Bradford Carpenter.

From 1998, when I was first reading those old Baptist magazines from the 1930’s and the main topic was evangelism across the United States, I have been stirred. From that moment on this challenge from the Lord has been placed on me.  God willing, I will cross the country on horseback and bring attention to the Bible and the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

People need the Lord! If they know the Lord, then we will praise Him together.  If they don’t know him, I will try to show them how.

I ask for your prayers along my journey.

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